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University of Wisconsin-Madison

basil [at] geology [dot] wisc [dot] edu


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SILC Faculty Member and member of our Spatial Network.

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A. Professional Preparation

Oberlin College (Ohio)                   Physics                                                                B.S., 1987

University of Minnesota    Geology and Geophysics             Ph.D., 1994

University of Minnesota    Geology and Geophysics             Post-doc, 1994-97


B. Appointments

Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin, 2003-

Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, 1998-2003

Assistant Professor, Rice University, 1997-1998

Postdoctoral fellow, University of Minnesota, 1994-1997


C. Publications

i. Five most closely related publications

1. Jee, B.D., Uttal, D.H., Gentner, D., Sageman, B., Manduca, C., Ormand, C.J., Shipley, T.F., and Tikoff, B. (2010) Analogical thinking in geoscience education. Journal of Geological Education, v. 58, p. 2-13.

2. Tikoff, B., and Teyssier, C. (1994) Strain modeling of displacement-field partitioning in transpressional orogens. Journal of Structural Geology, v. 16, p. 1575-1588.

3. Tikoff, B. and Fossen, H. (1996) Computer applications for visualization and calculation of deformation. in Microcomputers and Structural Geology, edited by D. DePaor. Pergamon, p. 75-96

4. Paola, C., Alexander, C.E., Edwards, R.L., Hudleston, P.J., Ito, E., Karato, S.-I., Kelts, K.R., Kleinspehn, K.L., Moskowitz, B.M., Person, M., Seyfried, W.E., Sloan, R.E., Stout, J., Teyssier, C., and Tikoff, B. (1995). Geodynamics as the center of a new earth-science curriculum and the theme of a new undergraduate laboratory. Journal of Geological Education, v. 43, p. 485-491.

5. Tikoff, B., and Fossen, H. (1993) Simultaneous pure shear and simple shear: the unifying deformation matrix. Tectonophysics, v. 217, p. 267-283.


ii. Other significant publications

1. Teyssier, C., and Tikoff, B. (1998) Strike-slip partitioned transpression of the San Andreas fault system: a lithospheric scale approach. in Continental Transpression and Transtension Tectonics, edited by R.E Holdsworth, R.A. Strachan, and J.F Dewey. Geological Society of London Special Publication 135, p. 143-158.

2. Giorgis, S., Tikoff, B., Kelso, P., Markley, M. (2004) The role of material anisotropy in the neotectonic extension of the western Idaho shear zone, McCall, Idaho. Geological Society of America Bulletin. In press.

3. Fossen, H., and Tikoff, B. (1997) Forward modeling of non-steady-state deformations and the 'minimum strain path.' Journal of Structural Geology, v. 19, p. 987-996.

4. Little, T.A., Savage, M.K., and Tikoff, B. (2002) Relationship between crustal finite strain and seismic anisotropy in the mantle, Pacific-Australia plate boundary zone, South Island, New Zealand. Geophysical Journal International, v. 151, p. 160-169.

5. Venkat-Ramani, M., and Tikoff, B. (2002) Physical models of transtension folding. Geology, v. 30, p. 523-526.


D. Synergistic activities

Tikoff teaches structural geology, field methods, tectonics, and associated courses at the University of Wisconsin. He has been involved in teaching Geological Society of America short courses, and developing computer simulations for undergraduate teaching. Tikoff won the Young Scientist (Donath) medal from the Geological Society of America in 2000. He is involved in teaching science for non-science majors and involved with the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin.


E. Collaborators and Other Affiliations

i. Collaborators

Eric Ferre (Southern Illinois University)

Haakon Fossen (University of Bergen, Norway)

Paul Kelso (Lake Superior State University)

Laurel Goodwin (New Mexico Tech)

Tim Little (Victoria University, New Zealand)

Cathy Manduca (Carleton College & Keck Consortium)

Julie Maxson (Gustavus Adolphus College)

Michelle Markley (Mount Holyoke College)

William McClelland (University of Idaho)

Robert Miller (San Jose State University)

Sven Morgan (Central Michigan University)

Julie Newman (Texas A&M University)

Scott Paterson (University of Southern California)

Michel de Saint Blanquat (University of Toulouse, France)

Christian Teyssier (University of Minnesota)

Andrea Tommasi (University of Montpellier, France)

Alain Vauchez (University of Montpellier, France)

Jean-Louis Vigneresse (CREGU & University of Nancy, France)

Steve Wojtal (Oberlin College)

ii. Graduate advisor and Post-doctoral supervisor

Christian Teyssier (University of Minnesota)

iii. Thesis advisor and postgraduate-scholar sponsor

Past students: Scott Giorgis (Ph.D. – 2003), Eric Horsman (M.S.- 2003), Karoun Charkoudian (M.S. – 2003), Sarah Titus (M.S. – 2002), Maitri Venkat-Ramani (M.S. – 1999)

Past research scientists: Sarah Tindall, Eric Ferre

Current students: Eric Horsman (Ph.D.), Albert Kobussen (Ph.D.), Stephanie Maes (Ph.D.), Sarah Titus (Ph.D.), Cheryl Waters-Tormey (Ph.D.), Chris Gordon (M.S.), Skylar Primm (M.S.), Caroline Webber (M.S.)

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